What proportion of actively managed funds consistently beat the market?

Actively managed, "hot-performing" funds are regularly promoted by the media and many financial advisors. However, independent and peer-reviewed academic research clearly demonstrates that they rarely beat passive, low-cost funds in terms of net performance. And of those that do, they amount to less than one would expect by random chance alone. As you will observe in this brief video, most fund managers are actually "closet indexers," essentially nothing more than a very expensive index type fund. This is one of the biggest reasons why millions of investors are finally fleeing expensive, underperforming funds in favor of low-cost passively managed funds.

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newsradio-WHP-webTim Decker hosts the weekly radio show “Financial Freedom” on WHP 580 AM Harrisburg every Saturday at 10:00 am Eastern.

He brings his extensive knowledge and over 28 years of experience to the discussion of current financial and wealth management topics. Each show also includes a Q&A session when Tim provides straightforward, unbiased answers to questions from callers. This is the program that represents your best interests, not Wall Street's.

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The Sleep-Well-at-Night Investor


ISI Financial Group helps clients take all necessary steps to properly develop and implement a holistic financial plan using evidence-based, time-tested strategies centered around financial science. In his book, “The Sleep-Well-At-Night Investor,” Tim Decker shows readers how misinformation from the mutual fund industry has created widespread harm amongst investors. The book also discusses the temptation to think of investing like gambling, and the tragedy of gambling away savings and security under the guise of investing.

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