401(k) Solutions

As an employer, you have a legal fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the retirement plan you are offering to your employees is cost-effective, prudently designed with appropriate investment management options, and provides adequate and appropriate features.

We provide a thorough, independent review and analysis of existing company 401(k) plans, which may include a detailed benchmarking of your existing plan to those of similar size as yours and even within your same industry. This helps ensure that what you are offering your employees is truly competitive as you continue to attract and retain quality employees.

For small and midsize companies who qualify, we provide a low-cost, holistic, turnkey, and headache-free 401(k) plan. This plan is made available through state of the art technology and provides the same type of features and investment options typically available to only large Fortune 500 companies, including institutionally priced investment options through Vanguard.

To find out more about how we can reduce your risk as a legal fiduciary to your employees by serving as that fiduciary for you, just give us a call.