Hourly Consulting

Are you certain that the financial advice you have been receiving is truly in your best interest? Are you working with a financial salesperson whose compensation comes from products they recommend to you, thus being a conflict of interest? Would you sleep better knowing that where you currently stand financially is where you should be?

Now, more than ever, in today's ever-changing, uncertain financial world, it is extremely wise to get a second opinion and/or specific financial advice from an experienced financial advisor who sells nothing, but instead is legally bound to represent your best interests only, not the interests of Wall Street or other financial companies.

As a fee-only financial fiduciary, we meet with people who have at least $1 million in investment assets on an hourly basis to review their current investments and answer any specific financial questions they may have. Whether you've been trying to manage your own investments or are currently working with another advisor or salesperson, getting objective guidance from an experienced advisor who is legally bound to represent your best interests will provide you and those who depend on you with peace of mind and financial security.